Stephen Yake is a director and producer whose 30 years of entertainment leadership and creativity have produced nine Dove Awards, GMA’s Impact Award, ADDY Awards, ACMA Awards, Houston Film Festival’s Bronze Award, and 20 RIAA-certified platinum and gold videos.

Well known for delivering results across a diversity of client industries and projects, Stephen has created over 500 music videos, dozens of TV series and corporate pieces, several documentaries, and over 100 national and regional commercials. Because of his collaborative approach, he is equally at home spearheading television and film projects with music superstars such as Brad Paisley and Michael W. Smith or crafting the public image of global corporations such as Citgo Petroleum and Time/Warner.

Stephen’s three decades of conceptualizing and producing captivating stories have built a broad and deep expertise. But, his commitment to serving his clients with honesty and integrity is what ultimately defines his work and produces lifelong partnerships.

When not enjoying life in the Music City or Sarasota, Florida, Stephen and his wife, Jentry, are avid globetrotters. Embracing the international travel associated with their filming projects, Stephen has embarked on countless adventures across 35 countries.


Jentry Yake is a producer and writer at Yake Films, where for 15 years she has managed film and video projects as artistic as they are impactful. Whether overseeing internationally filmed and globally broadcast concerts or partnering with clients to raise awareness of social issues, Jentry is a trusted partner to clients who need a message that connects. Most recently, Stephen and Jentry returned from Africa shooting a promotional video for a company that gives hearing aids to the poorest of the poor. The video featured Kevin Max of DC Talk.

Drawing from her diverse experiences across the entertainment industry, Jentry brings a uniquely crafted expertise to her work that shines through in everything from her writing to her producing. Prior to joining Yake Films, Jentry devoted the earliest years of her career to acting and post production in Los Angeles. Best known for her role in Fox's Tribes and on the post production team of HBO's Dream On and Tales From the Crypt. Jentry left LA for Nashville and cut her teeth in the media department of a major record label, before meeting her husband Stephen and creating Yake Films.

When not writing or producing Jentry enjoys long walks, music, interior design, travelling the world, volunteering, and spending time with her family.


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